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  A a   B be
  C ce   Che che
  D de   E e
  F efe   G ge
  H hache   I i
  J jota   K ka
  L ele   LL elle
  M eme   N ene
  Ntilde eñe   O o
  P pe   Q cu
  R ere   S ese
  T te   U u
  V oove   W oovedoble
  X  equis    Y igriega
  Z zeta  
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     I, i - (ee)    
THE SPANISH ALPHABET - 28 different letters
 interés (interest)    
 aviso (notice)  
 piso (floor)  
 si (if)  


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Pronounced somewhere between the 'e' in the English word 'me' and the 'i' in the English word 'tin'.