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  A a   B be
  C ce   Che che
  D de   E e
  F efe   G ge
  H hache   I i
  J jota   K ka
  L ele   LL elle
  M eme   N ene
  Ntilde eñe   O o
  P pe   Q cu
  R ere   S ese
  T te   U u
  V oove   W oovedoble
  X  equis    Y igriega
  Z zeta  
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     C, c - (thay)    
THE SPANISH ALPHABET - 28 different letters
 cien (one hundred)    
 cena (dinner)  


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SPAIN - When pronounced before 'e'             or 'i' it is pronounced like             the 'th' in the English word             'throw' .

Harder sounding when placed before 'a' 'p' or 'u'
To see how the letter 'c' is pronounced differently in Spain and Latin America click the drop down menu and look at the section 'Spain v Latin America'
 comida (food)    
 vaca (cow)  
 cuento (story)