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  A a   B be
  C ce   Che che
  D de   E e
  F efe   G ge
  H hache   I i
  J jota   K ka
  L ele   LL elle
  M eme   N ene
  Ntilde eñe   O o
  P pe   Q cu
  R ere   S ese
  T te   U u
  V oove   W oovedoble
  X  equis    Y igriega
  Z zeta  
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     G, g - (hay)    
THE SPANISH ALPHABET - 28 different letters
 ginebra (gin)    
 gente (people)  


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Before 'e' or 'i' it is pronounced like the 'hi' in the English words 'hit' or 'help'

Softer sounding than a hard 'g'
Before 'a' 'o' it is pronounced like the hard 'g' in the English word 'garden'.
 gordo (fat)    
 delgado (thin)  
When placed before 'ue' or 'ui' the 'u' is not pronounced.
 guerra (war)    
 guitarra (guitar)