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  A a   B be
  C ce   Che che
  D de   E e
  F efe   G ge
  H hache   I i
  J jota   K ka
  L ele   LL elle
  M eme   N ene
  Ntilde eñe   O o
  P pe   Q cu
  R ere   S ese
  T te   U u
  V oove   W oovedoble
  X  equis    Y igriega
  Z zeta  
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THE SPANISH ALPHABET - 28 different letters
For those who are native speakers of a Western European language or are familiar with the alphabetical structure of any Western European language, learning the Spanish alphabet should be very easy.

The English and Spanish alphabets are almost the same except that the Spanish one has three extra letters (ch, ñ and ll). Although the letters k and w are now considered part of the Spanish alphabet they are only ever used in words of foreign origin.


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Ven Conmigo. Vamos a pronunciar Español juntos.
This section of the Spanishexperto website is dedicated to pronunciation.

It will help you to pronoun each letter of the Spanish alphabet correctly. It will also enable you to anticipate how certain Spanish words should be pronounced based on specific rules that tell us how certain letters together should sound. It will also give you the tools to identify how Spanish may be spoken in different Spanish speaking countries.