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The Synergy Spanish program focuses on developing basic conversational Spanish skills and does not work on reading or writing skills specifically. It uses a streamlined approach and tries to teach only material that is relevant to the nuts and bolts of Spanish communication. You will not find yourself learning phrases like “The girl knits shawls on Fridays” in this program. It teaches the 138 most used and relevant words in Spanish and works on building up your intuitive understanding of the language from there.

The program gets big thumbs up for delivering easy to understand basic Spanish. If however, you want a better rounded approach to the language or you want something that will take you beyond basic conversation skills, then this is not the program for you.


(features / teaching tools / support etc)

The features included with the Synergy Spanish learning program are pretty straightforward consisting of audio CDs or files and PDF workbook files. You will not find the progress tracking, speech recognition software, interactive games and other features that are included in other packages. This is a good initial package for complete beginners to Spanish who upon completion of this course could move onto other Spanish learning software to put into practice what they have learned.

The course is broken into five sections: section one, learning to give personal information about yourself; section two focuses on starting conversations with Spanish speakers; section three teaches you more diverse conversation in everyday situations; section four looks at speaking in groups, work situations and with family and section five brings everything together while extending the variety of situations you can converse in.

Support is available through the start up guide and you can also seek email support if required. The program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee just in case you find that this system does not work for you.


Synergy Spanish is built upon the premise that you only need to know 138 Spanish words to be able to communicate effectively in Spanish. The course is delivered in around 50 audio lessons that use a variety of mnemonics and other teaching strategies to teach the language. The Synergy Spanish learning program is effective because it does not teach grammar in isolation from the language. It focuses on teaching usable chunks of language and allowing your intuition to build up your skills.

The level of Spanish that you are likely to develop with the program is finite, but it can give you a good basic foundation in the language as well as boosting your confidence with Spanish. It is a unique approach to learning Spanish that tries to make learning easy and not too intimidating. Lessons build upon what you have previously learned so that the process seems seamless and less confusing or stressful than other Spanish learning systems. Spanish lessons in the program are short and sharp to make use of people’s general attention spans of around 30 minutes. There is a lot packed into each lesson, but you are more likely to retain it than hour long sessions.

If you want to learn some basic conversation skills quickly, then this is a good program to choose. If you want a program that can take you through to advanced level Spanish, or to develop writing and reading skills intensively, then this is not the ideal program for you.


The price of the software is reasonable at around $70 for the download version and around $120 for the shipped option. It does not have all the bells and whistles of some other Spanish learning software programs, but it can give you some decent foundation conversation skills. Learners who use the program might need to supplement their learning with other conversation practice opportunities to develop their fluency with the language they have learned.

The Synergy Spanish program is a solid introduction to Spanish, that uses some strong teaching methodology to deliver beginner Spanish conversation skills at a reasonable purchase price.
Synergy Spanish is a totally different system to most of the other software packages available for teaching Spanish.

It lacks a lot of the impressive features that other software has, but the teaching approach is interesting and uses mnemonic memory devices and other techniques to make Spanish conversation as easy as possible based on only 138 Spanish words.

This is a very good program for complete Spanish beginners to develop some conversation skills and confidence.
Streamlined approach
Conversational Spanish
Everyday situations taught
Mnemonics for easy memorization
MP3/I-pod capability
Download or shipping options
Audio files only
Does not focus on reading and writing
Beginner level only
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