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Rocket Spanish is one of the big guns on the market for teaching Spanish and offers downloadable software that promises to teach you Spanish in less than 8 weeks. This is a big call and while it is true that it will teach you some Spanish in this time, do not expect to become a fully fledged and fluent speaker of any language in such a short period. What the software can offer you is a good foundation in the basics and solid training in grammar, fundamental communication and pronunciation.

The course is mainly comprised of audio files and eBooks that are basically like online texts. The audio files included in the program are well done and work on building your pronunciation effectively, which is an area that is sometimes ignored a touch in other online learning or software packages. There are also word recognition activities that are interactive. There are interactive games, although these are not as developed or advanced as other more expensive programs on the market.

There are enough features and inclusions in this software to get you well on your way to Spanish proficiency with 31 interactive lessons, more than 500 pages of material and 400 grammar and vocabulary based exercises. There are two payment options: the first is to download the program and this is considerably cheaper; alternatively you can have it mailed to you, but this is the more expensive option. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee on the product if you are unhappy with its performance.

The main aim of the program is to teach you useful phrases and conversational Spanish. Lessons are not overly grammar focused and if you want to really develop your writing and reading skills in depth, there are probably better options for you. All of the software is geared towards making it possible for you to communicate in the minimum amount of time.


(features / teaching tools / support etc)

The Rocket Spanish program features more than 12 hours of audio and this can easily be transferred to MP3; 31 interactive lessons and more than 500 pages of material. A very useful extra feature is the lifelong access to the Rocket Spanish Language Lounge. In the website you can get all the course materials, practice your Spanish through quizzes and interact with other Spanish learners through the Rocket Community. There is email help that promises to return your email within 12 hours as well as FAQ and forums. The money back guarantee is also very helpful to people that are not yet 100 per cent sure about the program.

Teaching tools used in Rocket Spanish include an introduction manual, interactive audio course, conversation course, beginnerís book, advanced book, beginnerís vocabulary supplement, Mega Vocab. and Mega Audio games, Mega Cards beginners and advanced flashcards.


This program provides a good foundation in Spanish conversation and communication. There is an emphasis placed on developing phrases and conversation with to the point and easy to understand grammar. There is a lot of vocabulary included in the course and through the audio files students have the chance to develop their listening skills as well as practicing pronunciation and some fluency building exercises. Some reading is required, but this could be an area for the program to improve upon. There is not much in the way of writing opportunities in the program and a learner may need to look elsewhere to further develop strong speaking skills.

Finishing the advanced portion of the program will not make you an advanced Spanish speaker, you may be able to use the Rocket Lounge with other language learners to put into practice what you have been learning in the program through the lessons.


Rocket Spanish is one of the cheapest language learning software packages that you can find on the Internet. While it is not perfect and lacks some features that other more expensive software packages have, it definitely delivers good value for money in its price range.

If you want to learn basic Spanish in a short amount of time, then this is a good option to choose. If you are serious about becoming a fluent Spanish speaker and want to develop high level Spanish and make use of interactive features, then you might prefer to go with another Spanish language software package.
The overall consensus with the Rocket Spanish software is that it offers affordable, to the point and easy to follow language instruction that is ideal for people that want to learn to communicate quickly.

It will appeal to people that are heading to a Spanish speaking country for vacations or business, but probably not to someone who intends to become completely proficient in the language.
Includes cultural information and lessons
Loads of visual prompts
Lessons follow a logical learning sequence
Easy to use
Good quality audio content
Offers free sample lessons to try before you purchase
Fast download
Offers email support
Access to extra resources in the Rocket Lounge online
Not as interactive as some other courses
Does not have progress reports
Limited feedback on your learning
Limited speaking practice
Limited writing practice
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