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The Learn Spanish Now program seems to focus mainly on developing vocabulary and pronunciation as the main materials are the speech recognition software and the flash card games. If you want the software to supplement Spanish classes or to go with other Spanish study, then it would be a good choice. Speech recognition software in the program is useful and helps to develop solid pronunciation skills. It is a shame that there is not a whole lot of conversation practice such as online chat to give users of Learn Spanish Now more chance to practice their speaking skills.

Since this is an immersion style program, you do not come face to face with big grammar tables, but are introduced to language through video files that use native speakers. Some new learners find this intimidating, but it tends to be a more useful way of learning a language. You can supplement the lack of grammar, if you wish, with grammar tables that you find on free Spanish websites.


(features / teaching tools / support etc)

Features that are included with the Learn Spanish Now program are MP3 and I-pod compatibility, which means that you can take your Spanish study with you wherever you go. There are also additional resources that are available on the Learn Spanish Now website, which you get access to upon purchase of the course. Audio and video files are included with each lesson, but the main thrust of the learning is vocabulary. There are four modes to learn vocabulary in - Recognize It, Know It, Produce It, and Own It. Each mode gets more and more difficult so you can build up your confidence with the new words until you become proficient with them. This follows accepted educational pedagogy.

Speech recognition software is useful as there are options to slow down the sound to hear every part of the word or phrase clearly. There is also the chance for you to record and playback your own pronunciation and compare it with a native speaker. One of the very useful features is that you can make the lessons more or less difficult by deciding when you need translation and when you donít.

Teaching tools that are used throughout the Learn Spanish Now program are games (mostly flashcard based), culture lessons, video and audio files. Lessons are interactive and videos give you access to native speakers in conversation Ė so you learn more through immersion than through studying grammar tables.

Technical support is provided through the user manual and backed up by email and phone support.


You will be able to develop a strong vocabulary as well as learning good pronunciation, but the other areas of language are not as well catered for with Learn Spanish Now as some other programs. Content is aimed at beginner through to pre-intermediate level Spanish.

Since Learn Spanish Now uses immersion some users of the program might find the teaching intimidating at first. Access to cultural lessons that are included integrally with the language allows you to learn more about Spanish and Latin cultures while extending your language skills.


The value for money that this program represents depends upon what kind of expectations you have of the software. If you want to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation, then the course can do this for you very well at a reasonable price.

If you want to purchase a holistic program that will teach you across all four skills areas (reading, writing, listening and speaking) past beginner level, then there are products available that offer more practice with other skills such as conversation.
The Learn Spanish Now program is a bit hit and miss: it includes some great features that are not included in some other programs and completely lacks other features that are standard in many other Spanish learning software programs.

Vocabulary is well designed and taught and the speech recognition included in each lesson gives helpful benchmarks in the language, but there is not enough of an emphasis on structure for some learners.

If you already have a little bit of Spanish you are likely to progress faster with this software than if you are a true beginner in Spanish. This is one of the cheaper software programs for sale, but it may be worth spending more to have a broader program delivered.

Go at your own pace
Speech recognition software
Extensive vocabulary
MP3 and I-pod upload features
Easy to Use
BYKI software inclusion for learning vocabulary
Unbalanced instruction across skill area
Beginner to Pre-Intermediate level only
No online chat
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