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Stay with a Family in Latin America and Learn Spanish

So you have started learning Spanish and you want to take it to the next level? Well, by staying with a family in Latin America you will be able to become fluent in Spanish very quickly. A few years ago I ventured to deepest, darkest Peru to stay with a Peruvian family on the coast. […]

Jan 15, 2014  Comments: 0

Make Learning Spanish Fun – Mix Up the Learning Experience

That old adage that variety is the spice of life is absolutely true. When it comes to learning Spanish by mixing up your learning experiences you will have far more fun learning the language and will come into contact with a wide range of Spanish too. While it is great to enroll in a Spanish […]

Jan 6, 2014  Comments: 0

Watch TV and Learn Spanish

Using TV, whether it is broadcast programs or DVDs, can be a great tool for helping you to learn Spanish. It might be called the idiot box from time to time, but when you are trying to master Spanish that is a misnomer. In fact, it can be one of your greatest resources. Using video […]

Jan 4, 2014  Comments: 0

How The Internet Can Help You Learn Spanish

What would we do without the Internet? It has changed our lives in so many ways, one of which is helping to learn a foreign language. The Internet is flush with millions of Spanish language learning resources that are waiting for you to utilize them. There is no doubt about it, the Internet has drastically […]

Jul 23, 2013  Comments: 0

Leaning Spanish – Part 6 – Using Text Books

In my last article I started to talk about a Spanish textbook called ‘Pasos’. This was the textbook I used when I first started learning Spanish. When I started studying from it I didn’t use it to its full potential. This was really down to time constraints and the fact I was about to embark […]

Jul 18, 2013  Comments: 0

Be Realistic, Learning Spanish Takes Longer Than Six Weeks

People often sign up for a six week Spanish program and are shocked when they complete the course and cannot communicate with aplomb in Spanish. If this statement sounds like it holds just a grain of truth for you, then you need to be realistic. Learning Spanish takes longer than six weeks. Think about this: […]

Jul 14, 2013  Comments: 0

How to Build a Strong Spanish Vocabulary

Building up a strong Spanish vocabulary is important to improve your ability to understand conversations that happen around you and to make you sound like a smart cookie when you speak or write in Spanish. There are many different ways that you can strengthen your vocabulary, try using a few of the following techniques and […]

Jul 5, 2013  Comments: 0

The Benefits of a One on One Spanish Teacher

There are several benefits to getting yourself a one on one Spanish teacher. Since I have run the gauntlet of just about every study Spanish option there is, I am going to share with you my experiences and you can decide for yourself which road to go down. It cannot be denied that a personal […]

Jul 4, 2013  Comments: 0

Part 4 – Learning “Parrot Fashion” or Learning Spanish grammar?

In my last article I started to write about some of the first steps I took when I decided to learn the Spanish language. In this article I want to talk about two different approaches to learning a new language that you may want to think about before you dive head long into a text […]

Jul 3, 2013  Comments: 0

Travel Through Latin America and Learn Spanish at the Same Time

Latin America with its hypnotic rhythms, exotic cuisines, verdant rainforests, ancient civilizations and tropical beaches offers a dizzying concoction of potential travel experiences. From hiking the Inca Trail to penguin spotting in Patagonia, Latin America is an exciting and memorable travel destination. Spanish dominates Latin America, in fact there are more than 400 million Spanish […]

Jul 1, 2013  Comments: 0

What Makes a Good Spanish Student?

There are several factors that add up to create a good Spanish student. Having been a language teacher and language learner for many years I have seen first hand many different learners: I have seen people excel in language learning and for various reasons I have seen people stagnate in their learning. If you want […]

Jun 28, 2013  Comments: 0

Why Study Spanish Grammar?

It is true that one of the best ways to learn Spanish is to dive right in and immerse yourself in the language. Throwing off your inhibitions and chatting away to Spanish speakers helps to develop good pronunciation, fluency and a grasp of juicy slang words. This is the way that you and I learned […]

Jun 26, 2013  Comments: 0

Learning Spanish – Part 3 – Taking Your First Steps

In the last article I talked about mental preparation. If you are thinking about learning Spanish then it makes sense to think carefully about what you hope to achieve and how you hope to achieve it. This is because the learning process is likely to be a long one and full of trials and tribulations. […]

Jun 25, 2013  Comments: 0

Where does the Spanish language come from?

Languages are living and malleable: that is, they are constantly evolving and changing. Spanish is no exception and what we know as Spanish today is the result of the blending of several linguistic elements. Spanish is typically classed as a Romance language that is, one that has evolved from Latin. It also belongs to the […]

Jun 24, 2013  Comments: 0

A Guide to Learning Spanish – Mental Preparation

In the last article; ‘Anybody can learn Spanish’ I talked about the different reasons why people might decide to learn Spanish. I also talked about the great sense of achievement that learning another language can bring you. In this article I am going to talk about the different things you should consider before embarking on […]

Jun 23, 2013  Comments: 0

Where Does the Spanish Language Come From?

Languages are living and malleable: that is, they are constantly evolving and changing. Spanish is no exception and what we know as Spanish today is the result of the blending of several linguistic elements. Spanish is typically classed as a Romance language that is, one that has evolved from Latin. It also belongs to the […]

Jun 22, 2013  Comments: 0

Whats The Best Way To Learn Spanish

So you have decided that you are going to take the plunge and learn Spanish? Great idea, with more than 400 million Spanish speakers in more than 20 countries around the world, it is a very handy language to have up your sleeve. You may be wondering what the best way for you to learn […]

Jun 20, 2013  Comments: 0

The Best Way to Learn Spanish is to Get a Spanish Speaking Girlfriend / Boyfriend

People often talk tongue in cheek about the “language of love” when two people from opposing cultures and languages get together. But… if you want to become fluent in Spanish, then one of the best ways to do it is to get a Spanish speaking girlfriend or boyfriend. I met my partner in Japan: he […]

Jun 18, 2013  Comments: 0

Teach English in Latin America and Learn Spanish at the Same Time

Feel like adding a bit of spark to your life and broadening your horizons? Why not consider teaching English in Latin America and learning Spanish at the same time? There are multitudes of locations all around Latin America that offer programs where you can teach English to locals while becoming a Spanish speaker. If you […]

Jun 17, 2013  Comments: 0

How is Latin American Spanish Different?

There is a far bigger difference between the Spanish that is spoken in Spain and Latin American Spanish than exists between British and American English. The Spanish from Spain has some very different grammar, vocabulary and slang to that which is spoken in Latin America. Latin Americans differentiate the Spanish they speak by calling it […]

Jun 15, 2013  Comments: 0

Learning Spanish – Mental Preparation

In the last article; ‘Anybody can learn Spanish’ I talked about the different reasons why people might decide to learn Spanish. I also talked about the great sense of achievement that learning another language can bring you. In this article I am going to talk about the different things you should consider before embarking on […]

Jun 3, 2013  Comments: 0

A Guide to Learning Spanish – Part 1

Spanishexperto – A guide to learning Spanish – Part 1 Anybody can learn a new language There are many reasons why someone might want to learn Spanish. Perhaps you are planning a holiday or business trip to a Spanish speaking country or maybe you are thinking of emigrating. It could be that you don’t really […]

Jun 2, 2013  Comments: 0

The Origins of Spanishexperto

If you are interested in learning the Spanish language then this is for you. Hi, my name is Nick and amongst other things, I spend a lot of my time supporting a new online learning solution for the Spanish language; Spanishexperto.com. The team at Spanishexperto have created a study program that gives the student everything […]

May 31, 2013  Comments: 0

  Greetings and responses General responses to questions
  At the restaurant - waiter / customer Travelling - different modes of transport
  Asking for things - in shops and in general Making friends - asking personal questions
  Quantities Responding to personal questions
  Asking and giving directions The weather
Useful Spanish Phrases - Common Situations

  Goodbye / Bye   Adiós
  Good afternoon   Buenas tardes
  Good day   Buen día
  Good evening   Buenas noches
  Good morning   Buenos días
  Good night   Buen noche
  Hello / Hi   Hola
  How are you?   ¿Cómo estás? / ¿Cómo está usted?
  How have you been?   ¿Cómo has estado? / ¿Cómo ha estado usted?
  How was it?   ¿Cómo fue?
  How’s it going?   ¿Qué tal? / ¿Cómo te va?
  I’ll come back later   Regresaré más tarde
  I’ll come back when I have more time   Regresaré cuando tenga más tiempo
  I’m fine thanks   Estoy bien gracias
  I’m off   Me voy / Me quito
  It was good to meet you   Fue bueno conocerte / conocerle a usted
  More or less   Más o menos
  Not too bad thanks   No tan mal gracias
  Please come again   Por favor regresa
  Pleased to meet you   Mucho gusto
  See you later   Hasta luego
  See you next week   Hasta la próxima semana
  See you soon   Nos vemos pronto
  See you tomorrow   Hasta mañana
  Welcome to…   Bienvenido a..
Greetings and responses
General responses to questions

  Are you sure   Estás seguro / Está seguro usted
  Ask me later   Pregúntame más tarde
  Don’t talk to me   No me hables
  Excuse me   Perdón / Disculpa
  I don’t care   No me importa
  I don’t know   No sé / No lo sé
  I don’t mine   No me molesta
  I don’t think so   Creo que no
  I suppose so   Supongo que si
  I think so   Creo que si
  I’m not sure   No estoy seguro
  I’m sorry   Lo siento
  If you want to   Si quieres / Si quiere usted
  It could be   Podría ser
  It depends   Depende
  It doesn’t matter   No importa
  Maybe   Tal vez / Quizás
  No thanks   No gracias
  Of course not!   Claro que no
  Of course!   Claro / Por supuesto
  Probably   Probablemente
  Shut up   Cállate 
  Thanks   Gracias
  Thanks a lot / very much / many thanks   Muchas gracias
  That’s true   Si es verdad
  We’ll see   Vamos a ver
  With pleasure   Con gusto
  Yes please   Si por favor

  A cold beer please   Una cerveza fría por favor
  Are there…   Hay
  Barbecued   A la barbacoa
  Can I get you something?   ¿Puedo traerte(le) algo?
  Can I have the bill please?   La cuenta por favor
  Can I see a menu please?   ¿Puedo ver una carta por favor?
  Can you bring me a clean glass please?   ¿Me puedes (puede usted) traerme un vaso limpio por favor?
  Can you heat this up please?   ¿Me puedes (puede usted) calentarlo por favor?
  Did you enjoy your meal?   ¿Disfrutaste (disfrutó usted) la comida?
  Do I need a reservation?   ¿Necesito una reservación?
  Do you have a table for two?   ¿Hay una mesa para dos?
  Do you like seafood?   ¿Te gusta (le gusta usted) mariscos?
  Do you want anything?   ¿Quieres algo?  / ¿Quiere algo usted?
  Excuse me waiter   Disculpa camarero
  I didn’t order this   Yo no pedí esto
  I want to speak to the manager please?   Quiero hablar con el gerente por favor
  I would like to order please?   ¿Me gustaría pedir por favor?
  It was very nice thank you   Fue muy rico gracias
  Ketchup and mayonnaise   Salsa de tomate y mayonesa
  Knife / fork / spoon   El cuchillo / El tenedor / La cuchara
  Main course   El plato principal
  Medium rare   Medio hecho
  Mustard and chilli sauce   Mostaza y picante
  Pass me the butter please   Pásame la sal por favor
  Rare   Poco hecho
  Roasted   Asada
  Salt and pepper   Sal y pimienta
  Should we leave a tip?   ¿Deberíamos dejar una propina?
  Starters   La entrada
  The food is cold   La comida está fría
  The tablecloth is dirty!   El mantel está sucio
  Well cooked   Bien cocinado
  What beers do you have?   ¿Qué cerveza quieres? / ¿Qué cerveza quiere usted?
  What do you recommend?   ¿Qué me puedes (puede usted) recomendar?
  What do you want to drink?   ¿Qué quieres (quiere usted) para tomar / beber?
  What do you want to eat?   ¿Qué quieres (quiere usted) para comer?
  What flavour is it?   ¿Qué sabor es?
  What selection is there?   ¿Qué selección hay?
  What time do you want to go out?   ¿A que hora quieres / quiere usted salir?
  What types are there?   ¿Qué tipos hay?
  What’s it like?   ¿Cómo es?
  Where is the toilet please?   ¿Dónde está el baño por favor?
  Which restaurant do you want to go to?   ¿A que restaurante quieres ir / quiere ir usted?
  With salad / vegetables / rice / chips   Con ensalada / verduras / arroz / patatas fritas
  Would you like a desert?   ¿Te(le) gustaría un postre?
At the restaurant - waiter / customer

  Are there toilets on board?   ¿Hay baños abordo?
  Are you hungry?   ¿Tienes hambre? / ¿Tiene hambre usted?
  Can I have a return ticket please?   ¿Me puedes (puede usted) dar un boleto de ida y vuelta por favor?
  Can you tell me when I should get off please?   ¿Me puedes decir (puede usted) cuando tengo que bajar por favor?
  Do you have any change?   ¿Tienes (tiene usted) sencillo?
  Does that include a meal?   ¿Incluye una comida?
  first / second / third class   primer / segundo / tercer clase
  How long does the journey take?   ¿Cuánto tiempo demorará el viaje?
  I want a single ticket please.   Quiero un boleto de ida por favor
  I’m hungry   Tengo hambre
  I’m still hungry!   Todavía tengo hambre!
  Is it direct or not?   ¿Es directo o no?
  Is this seat taken?   ¿Esta silla está ocupada?
  It wasn’t enough.   No fue suficiente
  Please fasten your seat belts   ¿Pon los cinturones por favor?
  There’s no seats left sorry   No hay sillas, lo siento
  This is a non smoking bus / plane   Esto es un bus / una avión que no permiten fumar
  What time does the train / bus / plain arrive?   ¿A que hora llega el tren / bus / avión?
  When do we arrive?   ¿Cuándo llegamos?
  When is the first bus?   ¿Cuándo es el primer bus?
  When is the last train?   ¿Cuándo es el último tren?
  When is the next train / bus to Barcelona?   ¿Cuándo es el próximo tren / bus hasta Barcelona?
  Where does the bus leave from?   ¿De dónde sale el bus?
  Which platform does the train leave from?   ¿De que plataforma sale el tren?
  You just missed it   Justo lo perdiste (perdí usted)
  You will have to wait for another one   Tienes que (tiene que usted) esperar por el próximo
Travelling - different modes of transport

  Are you open?   ¿Está abierto/a?
  Can I have? / Let me have   Dame (give me - literally)  
  Can I try it on please?   ¿Podría probármelo?
  Can you give me?   ¿Me puedes dar? / ¿Me puede dar usted?
  Can you repeat that please?   ¿ Puedes (puede usted) repetirlo por favor?
  Can you tell me where the milk is?   ¿Me puedes decir dónde está la leche?
  Could you give me?   ¿Me podrías dar? / ¿Me podrías dar usted?
  Do you have any?   ¿Tienes? / ¿Usted tiene?
  Do you know how much?   ¿Sabes cuánto? / ¿Usted sabe cuánto?
  How many do you want?   ¿Cuántos/as quieres? / ¿Cuántos/as quiere usted?
  How much are they?   ¿Cuánto son?
  How much do you want?   ¿Cuánto/a quieres? / ¿Cuánto/a quiere usted?
  How much is it ?   ¿Cuánto es?
  I think I will have…   Creo que quiero…
  I want to know if it’s fresh   Quiero saber si es fresco o no
  I would like   Me gustaría
  I’ll take it   Lo tomaré
  Is there? / Are there?   ¿Hay?
  It’s too big   Es demasiado grande
  It’s too small   Es demasiado pequeño/a
  Sorry, how much?   Perdón, ¿cuánto?
  Sorry, what did you say?   Perdón, ¿qué me dijiste? / ¿qué me dijo usted?
  What colour do you want?   ¿Qué color quieres? / ¿Qué color quiere usted?
  What size are you?   ¿Qué talla eres? / ¿Qué talla es usted?
  What size do you want?   ¿Qué tamaño quieres? / quiere usted?
  What time do you close?   ¿A que hora se cierra?
  What time do you open?   ¿A qué hora abre?
  What time is it please?   ¿Qué hora es por favor?
Asking for things - in shops and in general

  Are you married?   ¿Estás (está usted) casado/a?
  Are you single?   ¿Estás (está usted) soltero/a?
  Do you drink?   ¿Tomas (toma usted)?
  Do you go out much?   ¿Sales (sale usted) afuera mucho?
  Do you have a car?   ¿Tienes (tiene usted) un coche?
  Do you have a mobile?   ¿Tienes (tiene usted) un celular?
  Do you have any children?   ¿Tienes (tiene usted) algunos niños?
  Do you have any pets?   ¿Tienes (tiene usted) algunas mascotas?
  Do you like to travel?   ¿Te (le) gusta viajar?
  Do you smoke?   ¿Fumas (fuma usted)?
  Have you ever been to Paris?   ¿Nunca has estado (ha estado usted) en Paris?
  How do you spell that?   ¿Cómo se escribe?
  How many brothers and sisters do you have?   ¿Cuántos hermanos tienes (tiene usted)?
  How often do you go swimming?   ¿Qué frecuentemente vas (va usted) a la piscina?
  How old are you?   ¿Cuántos años tienes (tiene usted)?
  What are your hobbies?   ¿Cuáles son tus (sus) pasatiempos?
  What do you do for work?   ¿A que te dedicas (se dedica usted)?
  What do you like to do?   ¿Qué te (le) gusta hacer?
  What is your address?   ¿Cuál es tu (su) dirección?
  What is your favourite colour?   ¿Cuál es tu (su)  color favorito?
  What is your first name?   ¿Cuál es tu (su) primer nombre?
  What is your last name?   ¿Cuál es tu (su) apellido?
  What is your name?   ¿Cómo te llamas? / ¿Cómo se llama usted?
  What is your star sign?   ¿Cuál es tu (su) signo del zodiaco?
  What number do you live at?   ¿A que numero vives (vive usted)?
  What’s your country like?   ¿Cómo es tu (su) país?
  What’s your telephone number?   ¿Cuál es tu (su) numero de teléfono?
  Where are you from?   ¿De dónde eres? / ¿De dónde es usted?
  Where do you live?   ¿Dónde vives (vive usted)?
  Where do you work?   ¿Dónde trabajas (trabaja usted)?
Making friends - asking personal questions
Responding to personal questions

  I am 25 years old   Tengo veinte y cinco años
  I am studying to be a doctor   Estoy estudiando para ser un doctor
  I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters   Tengo dos hermanos y dos hermanas
  I live in London   Vivo en Londres
  I work at a bank   Trabajo en un banco
  I’m a chef   Soy cocinero
  My address is..   Mi dirección es..
  My birthday is on..   Mi cumpleaños es el día…
  My name is Maria   Mi nombre es Maria

  1 bottle of   una botella de
  1 kilo of   Un kilo de
  1 plate of   Un plato de
  10 slices of   Diez laminas /rebañadas de
  100 grams of   Cien gramos de
  2 cartons of   Dos cartones de
  2 glasses of   dos vasos de
  3 tins of   Tres latas de
  5 cups of   cinco tazas de
  5 litres of   cinco litros de
  5 packets of   Cinco paquetes de
  A bag of   Una bolsa de
  A big plate of   Un gran plato de
  A bowl of   Un tazón de
  Half of   medio de
  Quarter of   cuarto de
Asking and giving directions

  Can you tell me how to get to?   ¿Me puedes (puede usted) decir como llegar a…?
  Continue to the end   Continua hasta el fin
  Do you know where?   ¿Sabes dónde? / ¿Usted sabe dónde?
  Down the road on the left / right   Por la calle a la izquierda / derecha
  Go straight ahead   Sigue adelante
  How far is it?   ¿Qué distancia es?
  How long does it take?   ¿Cuánto tiempo tardará?
  How much longer will it take?   ¿Cuándo tiempo más tardará?
  How much time do we have?   ¿Cuánto tiempo tenemos?
  It’s around the corner   Está alrededor de la esquina
  It’s next to the sign   Está a lado del letrero
  It’s opposite the bank   Está enfrente el banco
  Just past the school   Justo después de la escuela
  Over the bridge   Sobre el puente
  Take the second exit   Tome la segunda salida
  The next left / right   La próxima izquierda / derecha
  Where can I find the nearest toilet?   ¿Dónde puedo encontrar el baño más cerca?
  Where is the nearest cash machine?   ¿Dónde está el cajero automático más cerca?
  Where is the...?   ¿Dónde está el/la…?
  Which direction is the..?   ¿Qué dirección es?
  Which way is the...?   ¿Por dónde está el/la…?
The weather

  A storm is coming   Una tormenta está viniendo
  How hot is it in Peru?   ¿Cómo es la temperatura en el Perú?
  It’s cold   Hace frió
  It’s dark   Está oscuro
  It’s going to rain   Va a llover
  It’s just right   Justo está bien
  It’s raining   Hace lluvia
  It’s snowing   Está nevando
  It’s too hot   Hace demasiado calor
  It’s warm   Hace calor
  It’s windy   Hace viento
  Thunder and lightening   Truenos y relámpago
  What temperature is it?   ¿Cuál es la temperatura?
  What’s the weather like?   ¿Cómo es el clima (el tiempo)?
  When does it get dark?   ¿Cuándo se pone oscuro?