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Some users of other programs feel that there is a lack of focus on grammar in other software packages, so Start Spanish might be useful prior to starting immersion or as a companion product with other Spanish learning software.

This software package certainly offers value for money at such a low price point, but there are other products that offer many more features and teach conversation more effectively. It is doubtful that upon completing this program the user would feel confident conversing or communicating in Spanish in a meaningful way – the program just does not have enough of an emphasis on communicative Spanish and does not offer enough practice opportunities.


(features / teaching tools / support etc)

It would be incorrect to say that Start Spanish is packed with features, the program really just looks like a textbook presented as software. There is a basic progress tracking system that keeps note of your correct answers in the dictation exercises. Lessons on each language point are well laid out so that the new language is clear, but there are too few opportunities to really practice what you are learning and ingrain it in your mind.

Teaching tools that are used with this program are somewhat limited as there is not the range of features or degree of interactivity that is provided with other Spanish learning software. The teaching tools mainly utilized in the program are audio files and word recognition activities. There is some interactivity in the dictation activities.

The support that accompanies this easy to use program is adequate, with user manual and tutorials backed up by efficient email support service. Since this is a pretty basic program, you are unlikely to experience situations where you will need to use the support.


The Start Spanish really lives up to its title: it really is just a start to Spanish. There is little interactivity and no speech recognition software so you cannot see how you are going with your pronunciation. Lessons are basically like a Spanish textbook and centers on developing grammar and vocabulary.

Language that is taught with this program only falls within the needs of beginner learners, although there are some extra Internet based resources that are available on the website. You are exposed to a variety of reading, writing, listening and pronunciation exercises throughout the course, but there is really no provision for conversation practice and developing fluency.

Some true beginners in Spanish freak out a little when they are presented with immersion style Spanish teaching. In this regard the Start Spanish software package could make a good pre-cursor to another software package and teach some of the grammar basics before you move onto another program. Since it is less than $30 it would be reasonable starting software to build up some grammar knowledge of Spanish first.


At under $30 the Start Spanish package is certainly cheap, but for that price you do miss out on some of the sensational features that are offered in other packages that cost more. If you do not want to spend much and get a basic level of Spanish, then this software does offer the fundamentals in Spanish in an easy to understand way. The ideal customer for this package is a person that will be travelling briefly in a Spanish speaking country and wants to be able to get by.
Start Spanish is a basic program that teaches starting grammar and offers simple activities to practice the grammar. It has little interactivity and lacks many of the features that only slightly more expensive packages offer the consumer.

At less than $30 it is certainly affordable, but it is not meaty enough to offer Spanish learners enough on its own. It is more useful as a pre-cursor to other software packages that follow the immersion teaching method.
Progress tracking
Simple and easy to use
Very affordable
Interactive dictation
Clear grammar explanations
Lack of interactivity
No conversation practice
No cultural lessons
Doesn’t follow communicative teaching approach
No MP3 or I-pod compatibility
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