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Berlitz Spanish Premier is a budget software package that comes with a lot of features for a very low price. It offers learning content from beginner to advanced level although some beginners find the initial level quite difficult.

There are many useful word tools included with the software and useful video conversations for developing listening and conversation skills. The biggest criticism of this software is the difficulty in navigation that many users report and no progress tracking to monitor your retention of the learning points.
Wide range of content from beginner to advanced
MP3 capability
Good range of word tools
Interactive flash cards for learning vocabulary
Low price point
No progress tracking feature
No online chat
No online testing
Navigation can be confusing
Possibly intimidating for the true beginner
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Price Range - Under $50
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Berlitz have been in the language teaching business for a very long time and they deliver a good solid Spanish learning software program here. While it does deliver content that covers beginners through intermediate and up to advanced, some new learners find the beginning level too difficult and the upper levels too simplified. There are many different activities that are included in the program which focus on vocabulary and conversation skills.

Strengths of the program are the word recognition activities and the speech recognition software. Perceived weaknesses of the software are that there is no progress tracking included to monitor your performance with the taught language and that navigating the software is overly complex at times. Many users would like to see a more user friendly interface.


(features / teaching tools / support etc)

The Berlitz Spanish Premier program teaches Spanish with a conversational focus as such you will not find long-winded grammar tables, but you instead come to grips with the grammar through video conversations that are centered around and American that goes to visit relatives in Spain. Following on from audio and video files there are a number of activities that practice the language points in the lesson. It does not have progress tracking included, but it does offer speech recognition software to improve your Spanish pronunciation.

Teaching tools that are included with the package are audio and video files, speech recognition and word recognition activities, cultural lessons and dictionary, glossary and word root search. The teaching takes an immersion approach, which some learners find intimidating at first. Some users report that the audio and video files are too difficult in the early stages and not difficult enough in the more advanced levels of the software.

The software comes with CDs that can be loaded onto an I-pod or other mobile device so that you can use them even when you are away from your computer. Technical support is pretty thorough with this program. There are various tutorials and a thorough FAQ included with the software. It is advisable to use these as some users report that they find navigating the software confusing at times. If you need further help, there is email and phone support available.


The Berlitz Spanish Premier software covers material for beginners, intermediate and advanced Spanish learners. Some users report that the beginnerís level of the software is a little bit difficult, so this product might appeal to people who already have a little bit of Spanish up their sleeves.

There is a strong focus on building vocabulary and there are many word recognition activities that are included with the software. Activities that are included with the different stages of the program provide a balance of reading, writing, speaking and listening practice. There is the opportunity to learn about various cultural aspects of Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. MP3 capability means that you can take the language course out and about with you to learn when you have spare moments throughout the day.

There is no online chat or testing available with the Berlitz software and this is an area where more expensive Spanish programs win over this budget program.


At less than $50, the Berlitz Spanish program offers excellent value for money. There are many very good features that are included in the sale price, but one of the biggest downfalls of the software is the lack of progress tracking. If you are looking for a budget product that delivers good content and you can live without some of the fancier technological features included in other packages, then this is a good choice for you.