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Spanish Complete Edition
Spanish Complete Edition
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Spanish Complete Edition is a great entry level Spanish software program. It offers extensive lessons that combine video, audio and grammar work to give learners a solid basis in Spanish. The beauty of this product really lies in the great variety of activities and interactive games that truly make learning the language fun. If you are a visual learner, then this program will really appeal to you. The number of features included in the package as well as the web based Byki Workspace make this product very good value for money.

Using the progress tracking system in the Spanish Complete Edition software you can keep track of what you have learned successfully and review different concepts easily to test your retention of the language. Progress is recorded in the form of a color coded pie graph. There is a balanced distribution of the key learning areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Although “online chat” is missing from the program, which some people might consider a downfall of the program and limits the amount of speaking practice that the program offers. You can counteract this downfall in the software by making use of other free websites that can put you in contact with Spanish speaking people for language exchanges.


(features / teaching tools / support etc)

The Spanish Complete Edition has loads of features included at an affordable price. Some of the features that really make this program stand out from some of the others include: files that can be loaded to I-pod or MP3, On the Go audio files and the Byki online workspace, which provides extensive extra practice in Spanish.

One of the most useful features on this program, and one that is missing on most other software, is the progress tracking. Progress is presented in a pie chart with passed areas represented in green and areas to work on represented in yellow. Yellow areas can be reviewed and tested to check that you have retained the learning.

Speech recognition software is a great help for learners to develop their pronunciation skills and you get feedback on your pitch and tone. The “slow sound” feature allows you to slow down the audio files to hear the pronunciation better.

Teaching tools are the strength of this program and makes learning Spanish fun. You will find audio files, video files, games, quizzes, online testing, word recognition activities and culture based lessons to teach you all about Spanish and Latin cultural aspects. You can download more than 1200 media files to use as learning while you are out and about.

The technical support available with Spanish Complete Edition is good with a thorough user manual, tutorials and FAQ that is also backed up by phone and email support.


The Spanish Complete Edition software is designed to teach beginners only. However, what it teaches at the beginner level is very comprehensive and well done. The variety of learning tools that are available on this software program means that you will develop your Spanish skills in all four learning areas – reading, writing, speaking and listening.


There are many features that are included in the Spanish Complete Edition software that you will not find in more expensive Spanish programs and this point makes it very good value for money. The program is really only designed for beginner to low intermediate level, so if you want a program to take you through to higher Spanish ability there may be better value programs for you.
Spanish Complete Edition is a solid program for beginners of Spanish. It comes with a heap of features that teach Spanish fundamentals across reading, writing, speaking and listening effectively and make the learning process interesting and stimulating. While you are learning the progress tracking devices help you to monitor your language acquisition.

Spanish Complete Edition combines five software programs to offer you a wide range of Spanish learning at an affordable price. It is a thorough and well designed introduction to Spanish at a reasonable price.

Ipod/MP3 downloadable files
Easy to Use
Variety of activities that makes learning fun
Plenty of added features such as Byki Workspace and screensaver
Personal progress tracking
Flashcards for memorization of vocabulary
Flexibility in choosing what you learn
Only appropriate for beginners level
Lack of focus on sentence structure in grammar based lessons
No live chat
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