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Users of Power Speak Spanish Ultimate Edition can choose learning paths that suit their individual learning styles, so this is a much more sophisticated course than others that just include a set of audio files and a workbook. There is a huge variety of teaching tools used to keep learning interesting. It is possible that some adults might not like the games, but many of us are children underneath and would prefer an interactive game to a grammar table any day.

The course is not the cheapest option at around $200, but it is not the most expensive either. For immense amount of content that is included with the course actually represents very good value for money despite a higher initial outlay than some other courses.


(features / teaching tools / support etc)

All the features that you would expect to find in a program in its price point are included with the Power Speak Spanish program – audio and video files, progress tracking, personalized learning paths, online progress testing, speech recognition software and so on. But, there is an enormous range of activities that are included with the lessons to keep learning interesting, motivating and fun. There is provision in the program for different learning styles, so everyone will find that the teaching works for them.

Power Speak Spanish comes at the language from a communicative standpoint so there is no analyzing grammar tables and digesting long lists of vocabulary words. There is a huge variety of teaching tools that are used to instill language and help you retain it. Interactive games, crosswords, stories, videos and much, much more are utilized using sound methodology.

Support for the program is provided through user manual, FAQ and phone and email support. Since the program is designed with high school students in mind the interface is clear and easy to use.


The Power Speak Spanish learning program is designed as a K-12 software program to assist Spanish school learners, but it can also be used by adults. The Power Speak Ultimate has two years of content on it based on a school year and covers a huge amount of content. Upon completion of the program you will have developed broad Spanish language ability across reading, writing, speaking and listening to an intermediate level. There are also further courses that you can choose to take which will extend you to advanced level Spanish.

The content on the program also included a lot of cultural information so that learners can develop an understanding of Spanish and Latin culture alongside the language skills.

The fact that it is designed to suit various learning styles means that more people are likely to get more out of it than other courses that have less depth of teaching tools included.


At around $200 the Power Speak Ultimate Spanish Year 1 and 2 course is not one of the cheapest options on the market, but it is an excellent package that will really develop Spanish skills across all areas of the language in a motivating and engaging way. The content on this package also stuffs in around two years of work and that means that the value for money is huge with this product.
Power Speak Spanish is hands down the most complete Spanish course that you will find anywhere. Although it is designed for school age children, there is no reason that adults cannot use it too and find it just as engaging and easy to understand.

There are wonderful and content rich activities that help to develop Spanish skills across all areas to a high level and the range of activities is such that you will never be bored. Around two years of content is provided at a reasonable price and makes it excellent value for money.

Suits multiple learning styles
Follows up to date educational theory
Interactive games and fun activities
Online progress tests
Easy progress tracking
Money back guarantee
Download or shipping options
Home study eligible for academic credit
Some users might find games childish
Immense amount of content might be overkill for some users
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