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The purpose of the Spanishexperto interactive quizzes is to provide the student with the chance to test their understanding of the specific points that have been taught in each lesson. Each quiz relates specifically to one or more parts of a particular lesson.

Ideally the quizzes should be attempted after the lesson has been completed but if the student wishes they can be attempted prior to starting the lesson or at the same time as the lesson. The quizzes can be attempted as many times as the student should desire.
Spanishexperto Quizzes
 Multiple Choice Quizzes
 Matching Exercises
 Fill In The Gaps Quizzes
 Making Sentences
Multiple Choice Quizzes
All the multiple choice quizzes are designed to test the students knowledge of each lesson in general. Each quiz consists of ten multiple choice questions that could relate to any of the topics studied in the lesson. As each question is answered a message appears telling the student if they have answered it correctly or not.

Each question can be attempted as many times as is necessary and the student is able to scroll back and forwards between questions. At the end of the quiz a score is given depending on the number of questions that have been answered correctly at the first attempt.
Matching Exercises
These exercises test the students’ ability to remember certain words, phrases, or grammatical rules that have been taught during the lesson. The student may for example have to match Spanish words with their English equivalents or match words that make up the correct formation of a set phrase.

Each exercise consists of a list of words that the student then has to match with another list of words. Pressing the ‘check’ button at the end of the exercise will tell the student how many of the words have been correctly matched. The student has the ability to scroll back and forth between each matching exercise.
These exercises not only test the students’ ability to correctly form different words in different grammatical contexts but they also provide excellent practice at forming sentences in general. Each exercise consists of up to ten sentences. One or more gaps within each sentence requires filling in order to make the sentence complete.

Fill In The Gaps Exercise
If the student needs to write a letter that has an accent mark or tilde (á, é, í. ó, ú or ń), then buttons at bottom of the exercise allow them to do this if the keyboard they are using is not correctly configured to do so. The student can ask for clues if they don’t know what the missing word should be. When the student has completed as much of the exercise as possible the ‘check’ button should be clicked to see how many of the gaps have been filled in correctly. The student can scroll back and forth between the different exercises as desired.
Making Sentences
Making Sentences
These exercises test the students’ ability to correctly form sentences where word order within a sentence is of critical importance. Word order is an important part of learning the Spanish language. For native speakers of English this is especially so because many types of words are placed differently in sentences than you might expect them to be placed in English.

At the beginning of each exercise a sentence is given in English and the equivalent Spanish sentence initially appears jumbled. The student should select each word from the jumbled Spanish sentence in turn in order to make a newly formed sentence with the word order that correctly translates the English sentence. Each exercise consists of up to ten different jumbled sentences. The student is able to scroll back and forth between each jumbled sentence exercise.
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